Mouth blown glass gathered molten from the furnace, colours applied when hot then free blown without the use of moulds. Once cold the glass is ground, polished and sometimes sandblasted depending on the piece.

Work produced

A range of production glassware including vases, bowls, jugs, scent bottles, candleholders,   carafes, hanging icicles and baubles.

Personal History

I grew up in Hoxne, 5 miles from Diss along the Waveney Valley in Suffolk. In 1997 I obtained my foundation in Art and Design at Norwich School of Art. I have a BA (hons) in Ceramics and Glass from Buckinghamshire Chiltern 
University College and a Masters in Glass and Architectural Glass from Edinburgh College of Art.

I have worked in several glass studios around the country to learn my professional practise and taken Master classes in the United States. I’ve also exhibited widely throughout the U.K. including selected exhibitions for the Contemporary Glass Society.


Currently based in Leith, Edinburgh. For more information please check my website: or e-mail me at