l am a Mixed Media and Textile artist living in the beautiful Waveney Valley on the Norfolk and Suffolk border. I am inspired by the sea and landscapes of the natural world around me. I work experimentally and intuitively using a variety of techniques and materials to create a sensory experience of place, that is evocative and atmospheric.

Recycled textiles, papers and found items are central to my practice with an emphasis on repurposing what was once discarded, with an awareness of my impact on the environment. 

As a ‘Creative Wellbeing Practitioner’ I gently guide the participants on a journey of exploration of new techniques and materials, encouraging self-expression and connection with nature and the materials. By engaging the senses to reconnect with nature and creativity  to potentially enhance Health and Wellbeing, whilst sharing stories, relaxing, connecting and making.  

I have completed an MA in Arts Practice (Art, Health and Wellbeing) at South Wales University in Cardiff. 

CONTACT Rachel by:

email: info@Rachelwilesart.com

website: www.rachelwilesart.com