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The white buffalo is sacred in the beliefs of many north american native peoples. It is a symbol of optimism, rebirth and unity, and was chosen as the name for this craft venture in the hope it would bring good luck to all.

White Buffalo Crafts produce a variety of hand made leather goods including bags, belts and boxes. Each piece is hand stitched and made from vegetable tanned leather using traditional methods.

We take commissions and can design and produce items to suit your special requirements.

Traditional Hand Stitched Leather Goods

What are "traditional hand stitched leather goods"?

Customers are sometimes unclear what we mean by this so here are a few words of explanation:

Traditional - This is a reference to the techniques, designs and materials used to make White Buffalo Crafts goods.
The techniques would have been familiar to a leather crafts person working a hundred or more years ago, and many pre-date the industrial revolution.
The designs are also timeless, and it is hoped that they will remain relevant and appropriate many years after they have been purchased.
Our materials are responsibly sourced and wherever possible use natural (as opposed to synthetic) resources. For example linen thread (made from the flax plant) is always used to stitch the leather.

Hand Stitched - Everything we sell has been stitched by hand - that is with two hands, two needles and a length of linen thread We don't have a leather sewing machine.

Leather - Is made by treating the skins or hides of animals to achieve a durable and beautiful material to work with. We do our utmost to ensure our leather is responsibly sourced and the majority is tanned using natural ingredients such as the bark of oak trees which has a high tannin content (hence tanning).

Leather bags by White Buffalo Crafts

As well as making leather goods we also give demonstrations and talks on leather and leatherwork.

If you would like to have a go yourself we run a one day “Introduction to hand stitched leather goods” course.

For more information contact Mark Papworth on 07941 616684
email us at: mark@whitebuffalocrafts.com
or visit our website at www.whitebuffalocrafts.com

Mark Papworth of White Buffalo Crafts at work